Garden Plants


This beautiful, unassuming daisy is more than just an aesthetically pleasing little garden plant. Feverfew has been used to treat a list of ailments as long as my arm, with it's use in traditional medicine stretching back as far as ancient Greece. More than that, to me, Feverfew marks the beginning of my journey to becoming a Botanist.

Garden Plants, Wildflowers

Common Columbine

Recently on the blog, we looked at English bluebells, so this week it seemed only fitting to move on to American bluebells. With an incredibly long history in a variety of cultures, Columbine is a treasured flower in the wild and in gardens. Its shape teaches an important lesson about evolution, and its symbolism has conflicting naughty and nice origins. 

Garden Plants

Camellia: tea from your garden

What started out as a morning scroll on Twitter, turned into a productive little experiment. Researching Camellia japonica, I realised I could not only make tea from my plant, but I could do it in less than a day and with minimal effort - ideal!